7 Open Source Tools to Test Microservices

  • Functional tests should be used for testing the business logic and behavior of the service. However, different from monolithic architecture, the interface to be tested is a remote client communicating over a protocol, such as HTTP.
  • Resiliency tests will help you determine how well a microservice will react to possible failures of the infrastructure, such as what happens if a server is running a service that is not available?
  • Load tests will test the scalability of the service. Hence, many calls are made and with that, the goal is to test if the microservice will crash due to high traffic volume.
  • Unit tests to verify if the methods and classes of each microservices work as expected.
  • Component tests consist of testing the REST service through automated tests that act as clients, send many requests to the service and verify the response returned by the service. The problem of component testing is that one microservice might need to have other services deployed and available for testing. To mitigate this problem, developers should use service virtualization tools that will allow testers to simulate other microservices and test the microservice itself in isolation.
  • Integration tests mean testing if the microservice works with the other real microservices involved. In this test, all required services are deployed and integrated together
  • System tests are used to test the microservices interactions with other platforms. For example, the Youtube app on your TV connects to microservices within Youtube’s data center. To do these tests, you need to simulate API calls that the user interface makes to the microservices architecture.
  • Apache JMeter is an open source software to do functional tests and measure performance.
  • Selenium is an automation testing tool for web apps.
  • SoapUI is an open source API test automation framework.
  • K6 is a load and performance testing tool for testing cloud-native applications.
  • Tsung is a load and stress testing tool.
  • Testcontainers supports JUnit tests to test databases, Selenium web browsers, and everything that can run in a Docker container.
  • TARS Benchmark is a tool for testing microservices. TARS benchmark is also integrated into the TARS microservices framework.



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Isabella Ferreira

Isabella Ferreira


I'm a PhD Candidate in Computer Engineering at PolyMTL. I'm passionated about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) development.