Bare-Metal Cloud Computing

  • It is possible to predict the performance of dedicated resources.
  • Dedicated resources provide control of the system and network security.
  • Enterprises have the flexibility to customize the bare-metal cloud to meet their operating system and software stack requirements.
  • The dedicated servers of a bare-metal cloud avoid resource contention (compare to VMs that share physical servers)
  • Bare-metal servers are highly scalable, which is good for big data applications and high-transaction workloads that need low latency.
  • Store and hardware resources are provisioned according to the application needs and they are billed on a specific time period. This is great when hardware requirements are unclear and likely to change.
  • Enterprises must configure the hardware and install/manage the operating system, hypervisor, and software.
  • Some services require monthly leases resulting in paying for underutilized resources. Furthermore, bare-metal might be more expensive for sustained and predictable workloads.
  • Bare-metal might not be the best option for legacy software, since it often has strict hardware compatibility requirements that might not be available in bare-metal configurations from servers providers.

When to use bare-metal cloud?

Given the aforementioned advantages and bare-metal cloud, you might be wondering about the use cases of bare-metal. Bare-metal might be better for some use cases as listed below [4]:

  • Applications in which overhead should be avoided and hardware components should be tuned for maximum performance.
  • Applications where speedy access to user profiles and assets data is required, such as AdTech and FinTech
  • Applications in which specific hardware and storage is needed to support the real-time nature of the workloads, such as in real-time analytics and recommendation engine.
  • Applications that need high performance for raw computing or 3D rendering, such as gaming applications.
  • Applications with high outbound bandwidth usage, such as applications based on real-time communications.
  • Applications in which a dedicated compute environment is needed, normally due to business requirements or for compliance.



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Isabella Ferreira

Isabella Ferreira


I'm a PhD Candidate in Computer Engineering at PolyMTL. I'm passionated about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) development.