Certification: A good way to build a solid career in open source

  • Open Source Software Development: Linux for Developers (LFD107x): explores the key concepts of developing open-source software and how to work in Linux. This course is an introduction to Linux designed for developers. You’ll learn how to install Linux and programs, how to use desktop environments, text editors, important commands and utilities, command shells and scripts, filesystems, and compilers.
  • Linux Tools for Software Development (LFD108x) examines the tools necessary to do everyday work in Linux development environments and beyond. It is designed for developers with experience working on any operating system who want to understand the basics of open-source development. Upon completion, participants will be familiar with essential shell tools, so they can work comfortably and productively in Linux environments.
  • Kubernetes and Cloud Native Essentials (LFS250) is designed for developers, administrators, architects, and managers who are beginners cloud-native technologies and container orchestration. This course will give you an overview of cloud-native technologies, and then dives into container orchestration. You will review the high-level architecture of Kubernetes, understand the challenges of container orchestration, and how to deliver and monitor your applications in distributed environments.
  • Building Microservices Platforms with TARS (LFS153x) will teach you how to efficiently develop microservices programs using different programming languages and quickly deploy the corresponding services into applications. Upon completion, you will wield a powerful skill for understanding microservices architecture and should be able to quickly build stable and reliable applications based on TARS.



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Isabella Ferreira

Isabella Ferreira


I'm a PhD Candidate in Computer Engineering at PolyMTL. I'm passionated about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) development.