How Open Source is Pushing the Future of Data Science

  1. Open source allows companies to try different tools at a very low cost as well as to find professionals working with specific data science tools. For example, with open source, it is possible to find Python developers, and consequently find talented developers working on data science and machine learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, and Scikit-learn, that are also built directly with Python.
  2. Open source allows companies and different stakeholders to have access to large amounts of data and different models. Without open source, this would be a challenge for both small companies and individuals that do not have this amount of data and resources available.
  3. Open source allows people to learn about data science. With the large amount of open source data science frameworks available, people interested in data science are able to practice what they learn in textbooks.
  • It allows reliable scalability. That is, you can expand your computational needs or storage without having to change the software.
  • You can use microservices for target development. That will allow you to do faster deployment and increase your team capabilities.
  • It allows you to have data lakes, i.e., you can store the data in its raw format. That might allow you to do better training and deploying newer models.
  • R and Python are the most popular programming languages for data science, and they are themselves open source.
  • scikit-Learn is a machine learning library (ML) for Python that allows you to do many ML tasks such as clustering and classification.
  • Numpy offers numerical computation tools that help with data science.
  • Pandas is mostly used for data manipulation and analysis.
  • PyTorch is a Python machine learning framework with many features from prototyping to deployment.
  • Tensorflow is used for building and training neutral networks.



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Isabella Ferreira

Isabella Ferreira


I'm a PhD Candidate in Computer Engineering at PolyMTL. I'm passionated about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) development.